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              Martin Pringle knows how important your real estate is, whether you are purchasing, selling, leasing or protecting your property. We have extensive experience in handling real estate transactions and litigation matters for clients of all shapes and sizes. This means all you have to worry about is…the tide.

              Attorneys in Real Estate

              Martin W. Bauer

              Martin W. Bauer

              Wichita, Kansas Office

              Martin Pringle's real estate group represents developers, owners, financial institutions and other clients in a broad range of real estate transactions. Martin Pringle provides professional services to clients on a wide range of real estate matters, including:


              Represent commercial creditors and financial institutions in protecting and recovering assets and property in bankruptcy proceedings in Kansas and Missouri.

              Brokers and Salespersons

              Advise of responsibilities under Kansas law in real estate transactions.

              Commercial, Residential and Agricultural Leasing

              Assist landlords and tenants in a variety of leases for office, warehouse, retail, residential and agricultural properties. Represent landlord and tenants in lease disputes and evictions.  


              Represent owners and condemning authorities in condemnation actions.

              Construction Law

              Prepare and review construction contracts. Prepare and enforce mechanics' liens, and represent owners, contractors and sub-contractors in disputes.

              Contracts To Buy or Sell

              Negotiate and draft contracts for purchase, sale and exchange transactions, for both residential and commercial properties.


              Identify and assist clients in addressing environmental issues in all types of real estate transactions.


              Conventional Financing

              Prepare and review loan documents and security instruments for lenders and borrowers. 

              Municipal Financing

              Assist lenders and developers in preparation and review of transaction documents for industrial revenue bonds issued by Kansas municipalities.

              Homeowners Associations

              Assist in the formation of associations for developers and in the preparation and amendment of covenants. Represent directors and officers in operating matters, including enforcement of covenants, collection of dues, and common area issues.

              Land Use/ Zoning

              Counsel clients on land use and zoning issues.

              Litigation/Dispute Resolution

              Handle litigation and alternate dispute resolution of all types of real estate matters including contracts, construction, boundary disputes, evictions and foreclosures.


              Assist owners in identifying, negotiating, financing, leasing and purchasing retail and production properties. Provide representation in lease disputes. Counsel clients on land use and zoning matters. 


              Assist clients in analyzing and minimizing income and property tax implications in real estate transactions, including structuring like-kind and deferred exchanges, property tax issues and property tax exemption.

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